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Series MWE Low Profile Ridge Ventilator

This Low Profile Ridge Ventilator is designed for the builder of garages, mini-storage or other small recreational buildings. The low profile will blend in with almost any roof line. On a building with a typical 4/12 roof pitch, the top of the ventilator only extends 2 1/2" above the roof peak. The throat is 3 1/2" wide and totally unrestricted for easy air flow up and through the vent. The 1/2" ventilation slot on each side provides a net free area of 12 square inches per lineal foot for air flow.

Exclusive overlap flashing design protects against rain or snow entering building. All seams are also sealed at the factory with silicone sealant.

Each 10'long low profile ridge ventilator yields 120 square inches or .83 square feet of free area ventilation space. Unrestricted throat with 12 sq. inches of free area per lineal foot.

Adequate intake air to attic space or building is critical! Equal free area through soffit vents or end wall louvers is recommended. This creates an even flow through the vent and helps prevent entering in extreme conditions.

Shipped 2 per carton with flashing for individual or continuous run.


  • 1/2" continuous ventilation space each side
  • Exposed edge on nailing flange is hemmed
  • Totally covered top
  • Weep holes for drainage
  • 12" overall coverage
  • Optional interior mesh
  • Each vent comes with flashing
  • Each vent shipped with filter material
  • 29 ga. prepainted steel
  • Each vent shipped with filter material


  • Provides 12 square inches of vented area per linear foot
  • With no raw metal edges you do not have to worry about handling damage
  • Protected from rain and snow
  • Water draws away at nailing flange
  • Easy to fasten to roof sheet or shingles
  • Optional wire 1/2" mesh for bird control from underside of vent
  • Contractor can install vent individually or in continuous run-both types of flashing are included
  • Color match standard colors of the metal building industry
  • Provides blowing snow control in all but worst conditions