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Durable Pipe Flashings

at Wholesale Prices

Plyco offers the highest quality pipe flashings, closure strips, steel frame fasteners and other buildings materials at cost-effective wholesale prices. We know quality is paramount. This is why we only offer durable building materials designed to maintain high performance for years.

With increases in roofing construction companies, contractors often compete to complete the job at the lowest cost. Plyco provides you with premium products at the most affordable prices to help give you a competitive edge.

Made from flexible, corrosion-resistant materials, our pipe flashings are ideal for fixing leaky roofs, parapet walls, stepped roofs and gambrel roofs.

We offer flashing systems, including:

  • Flashers TM
  • Retrofit DektiteR
  • Dek-Cap TM
  • FlashdekR

Our pipe flashings can be cut to different pipe diameters and are designed to shape to several roof configurations.

High-Quality Building Materials

for Any Construction Job

Plyco has the right materials to help you complete any industrial or commercial construction job right the first time. We work with you to ensure your products have the correct sizes and dimensions for your task. We even offer delivery service to get your building materials to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In addition to roofing products, we carry an extensive inventory of construction materials, including:

  • Ventilation products
  • Walk doors
  • Windows
  • Cupolas

Don’t waste money on cheap, low quality building materials that you’ll have to replace in the near future. Use top-notch products from Plyco for superior, long-term results.

ApplicationStandard Sizes
EPDM rubber pipe flashing for steel and aluminum roofing. Operating tenperature -30F - +400F. Special rings can be easily cut to conform to many diameters of pipe. Positioning pipe at a particular point on the roof is eliminated because flexible aluminum ban conforms to any roof configuration.

Sizes: #1 - #9 (1/4" - 19" outside diameter pipe) Diverter Dektite: 16" - 24" Available in gray, black, or silicone red

Retrofit DektiteR
EPDM rubber pipe flashing with stainless steel pleat for applications where standard Dektite cannot be used. Dektite wraps around pipe and pliers crimp it closed. Excellent product for flashing an opening where an obstruction such as an air conditioning unit is present which cannot be moved.
Sizes: #1 - #3 (3/4" - 10" outside diameter pipe)
Standing Seam Roof End Cap Flashing. Flexible, corrosion resistant aluminum base conforms to the majority of standing seam roof panels.
Material: Thermal Elastomer Width - 7 1/4" Length - 5 3/4" Height - 3 5/16"
Flexible, weatherproof roof flashing system. Hypalon roof material edged with aluminum bands which contour to any roof configuration. Excellent for use on parapet wall applications, stepped or gambrel roofs, or for wrapping tanks. It is also a problem solver for a leaking roof.
Widths: 7", 9", 12", 18" Lengths: 50', 150'