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FMW100-35 Low profile (4.5" above roof peak) 10 foot vent with open top for additional air flow (36 square inches per lineal foot). 3 1/2" throat with a 2" flange and 13" overall width.


  • This vent is constructed with a translucent fiberglass diverter to bring in natural light at the ridge.
  • The 3 1/2" throat ventilator is designed for large attic ventilation or entire building ventilation such as in horse, cattle, or poultry buildings.



  • Colors

    Standards colors are: White and cocoa brown with all manufacturers colors available. (Kynar when available)
    The MW100-35 comes standard with a 2" nailing flange which equals a 13" overall coverage to fit more building applications.

  • Standards

    Standard 29 gauge galvanized painted steel for strong, long life
    All PLYCO ridge vents are G-90 Galvanized

  • Edges

    Hemmed edges are standard for easier, safer handling and to guard against rust.
    Each vent is individually cartoned for less damage.

  • Flashing

    Flashings are packaged with each vent for single or continuous installations which saves forgotten parts or extra cost.