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CRV-904/910 Ridge Ventilator

Plyco Ridge Ventilator that combines multiple features. Top 1/2" bird screen with water diverter system. Optional damper and weather seal. 9" Throat, comes in either 4' 0" (CRV-904) or 10' 0" (CRV-9100) Lengths.


SIDES, SKIRT, DIVERTER: 26 ga. lock forming quality Galvanized Steel - Prepainted white
BRACES, DAMPER: 26 ga. lock forming quality Galvanized steel.
DAMPER RODS: 5/16" plated steel
BIRD SCREEN: 1/2" galvanized hardware cloth
FASTENERS: Aluminum rivets

CRV-904 shipping weight: 30 lbs. w/o Damper....33 lbs. w/Damper
CRV-910 shipping weight: 78 lbs. w/o damper