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Combo Track

Combo track is self-cleaning and self-aligning. Its unique, flat top design imparts extra strength to the track, which eliminates deflection from heavy, rolling doors. It is made of 14 gauge, galvanized, high carbon steel that is roll formed to assure maximum uniformity over its entire length. Galvanized steel mounting brackets are projection welded on the top of the track at 2-foot intervals. It comes in standard lengths from 8 feet to 20 feet ( two foot increments.   Longer track lengths mean fewer joints for stronger installations and smoother rolling doors.

  • Easy-rolling

  • Easy mounting

  • Long-lasting with little to not maintenance

  • Designed and manufactured by sliding door specialists to help building crews hang sliding doors easier, faster and better

Product Info


  • COMBO "Trundle Trolley" takes the "Struggle" out of hanging sliding doors. With the patented, COMBO Trundle Trolley, there's no need to round-up your entire crew to help hang sliding doors...even on sloping ground, in close quarters or windy conditions. Trundle Trolleys are simply rolled into the track and hanger bolts installed in the door leaf while still on the ground. The door leaf is, then, leaned against the building beneath the track and the Trundle Trolleys are rolled over to engage the hanger bolts. Final door height is adjusted with the locking nuts on the hanger bolts.

  • COMBO-hung doors are weather-tight! Choose standard track cover or exclusive COMBO "Snap-Up" cover. Either way, you can be sure that rain or snow can't enter the building. End caps and cover trim keeps birds out of the track, too!

  • COMBO track goes up easy and fast! No costly, on-the-job assembly. All mounting brackets are projection-welded (Projection-welding does not destroy the galvanized finish) to the track at 24-inch intervals. Whether you're using side-mount or top-mount COMBO track, you simply hold it up to the track plank and nail it quickly into place.

  • "Snap-Up" Cover brackets speed installation! Exclusive COMBO "Snap-Up" cover brackets are conveniently out-of-the-way when you're mounting track and hanging doors. When you're ready to install the cover, snap quickly and firmly into place with just the tap of a hammer.

  • No fasteners needed with COMBO "Snap-Up" Cover! It goes up in a hurry...and it's there to stay. You simply hook the top lip of COMBO's unique "Snap-Up" cover behind the offset recesses at the top of the ot the track mounting brackets and push down on the cover brackets. For side-mounting applications, only. Standard cover is also available.

  • COMBO Track Eliminates Splicing! Save splicing time and costs by ordering COMBO track to fit your specific door widths. Comes in standard lengths from 8 to 20 feet in 2-Foot increments. Other lengths are available on request ...splice collars, too, if needed.

  • COMBO Assures Strong, Accurate Installations! COMBO track is roll-formed for maximum uniformity from strong, 14-gauge, galvanized, high-carbon steel. Projection-welded track mounting brackets assure perfect slot alignment throughout. Unique, flat-top track design imparts extra strength ...handles up to 600-pounds with two trolleys; up to 800-pound doors with four trolleys. Longer track lengths mean fewer joints for stronger installations and smoother-rolling doors.

  • COMBO Simplifies Inventory! No need to stock mounting brackets for COMBO track. They're all factory installed. And, you can eliminate splice collars, too, by ordering COMBO track in just the right lengths for your buildings. COMBO trolleys are also interchangeable with other round track trolleys.


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Wood door trolley hanger

No. 141500

Roller-bearing, wood door trolley hanger

No. 141550

Trundle trolley hangers

No. 142500T

Trundle trolley hangers

No. 144500T

Trundle trolley hangers

No. 146500T

Trundle trolley hangers

No. 149500

Trundle trolley hangers

No. 142550T

Trundle trolley hangers

No. 144550T

Trundle trolley hangers

No. 146550T

Trundle trolley hangers

No. 149550T

4" Straight-bolt trolley hanger

No. 144500

Roller-bearing, 4" Straight-bolt trolley hanger

No. 144550

2-1/2" Straight-bolt trolley hanger

No. 142500

Roller-bearing, 2-1/2" Straight-bolt trolley hanger

No. 142550

9-1/2" Offset-bolt trolley hanger

No. 149500

Roller-bearing, 9-1/2" offset-bolt trolley hanger

No. 149550

6-1/2" Offset-bolt trolley hanger

No. 146500

Roller-bearing, 6-1/2" offset-bolt trolley hanger

No. 146550

COMBO track with side-mount brackets

No. 111081-111242

COMBO side mount, 90 degree curved track with 36" radius

No. 113000

Double-track, side-mount bracket

No. 119300

Double-track, side-mount bracket with track cover support bracket

No. 119350

Offset track extension bracket

No. 119500

5/16" x 3/4" hex head bolt package

No. 119510

COMBO Track end plug

No. 131000

COMBO Track splice collar

No. 119000

PLY-TRAC splice collar

No. PT-9000

Bolt package

No. PT-4796

5/16" x 2" zinc plated lag

No. 118000

Stud bolt package with nuts, washers

No. 119400

COMBO track with top-mount brackets

No. 112081-112242

COMBO track with top-mount stud bolts

No. 113081-113242

PLY-TRAC track

No. PT1061-PT1201

PLY-TRAC top-mount cover bracket

No. PT-4200

PLY-TRAC side mount bracket

No. PT-4000

PLY-TRAC side mount cover bracket

No. PT-4100

Complete standard track cover bracket

No. 115500

Complete top-mount track cover bracket

No. 116500

Complete top-mount track cover bracket for 6 inch door

No. 116550

"Snap-Up" track cover bracket

No. 117000

Complete "Snap-Up" track cover bracket

No. 117500

Track cover bracket (for box track style flashing)

No. 112000

Track cover bracket for 6-inch door

No. 114000

Standard track cover bracket

No. 115000

Complete box cover bracket

No. 112500

Complete side mount bracket 6-inch door

No. 114500

Black Super Do-All

No. 184000B

White Super Do-ALL

No. 184500W

Galvanized adjustable door stop

No. 185000

Galvanized non-adjustable door stop 1-3/4"

No. 185500

Sliding bolt latch

No. 187000

13" Center latch - latching rod

No. 191000

17" Center latch - latching rod

No. 191500

Center latch w/17" chain

No. 191550

Trolley support plate

No. 199000

Roller & bolt for the 189000 with washer nut

No. 189100

Adjustable stay roller for doors to 2-3/4"

No. 189500

Door keeper & stop 1-3/4"

No. 190000

Door keeper & stop 2-3/8"

No. 190500

Galvanized adjustable guide & stop

No. 181000

White adjustable guide & stop

No. 181500

Galvanized door pull

No. 183000

White door pull

No. 183500

Standard track cover, 10' 1"

No. 125000

Top-mount track cover, 10' 1"

No. 126000

"Snap-Up" track cover, 10' 1"

No. 127000

"Snap-Up" track cover cap, 10' 1"

No. 127500

Top-mount track cover 6-inch door 10' 1"

No. 122000

Side-mount track cover 6-inch door 10' 1"

No. 123000

Double track cover, 10' 1"

No. 124000

Top-mount cover trim for 6" door

No. 132000

Side-mount cover trim for 6" door

No. 133000

Double track cover end trim

No. 134000

Standard track cover end trim

No. 135000

Top-mount track cover end trim

No. 136000

"Snap-Up" track cover end trim

No. 137000

Jamb latch & strike w/7" hook

No. 188000

Jamb latch & strike w/7" hook with plastic cover

No. 188000P

Jamb latch only, 7" hook

No. 188100

Jamb latch only, 7" hook with plastic cover

No. 188100P

Jamb latch strike only

No. 188150

Jamb latch w/9" hook with plastic cover

No. 188350P

Jamb latch w/4" hook & strike with lags

No. 188400

Jamb latch only with 4" hook

No. 188440

Adjustable offset stay roller

No. 189000

Stay roller, adjustable 3" roller

No. 189000-3

Jamb latch 7" with trolley support plate

No. 188200

Jamb latch 7" with trolley support with plastic cover

No. 188200P

Jamb latch & strike w/9" hook

No. 188300

Jamb latch & strike w/9" hook with plastic cover

No. 188300P

Jamb latch w/9" hook

No. 188350