Equus™ Dutch Door Kit

  • Delivered Pre-Assembled or KD
  • Designed with Horse Safety in Mind
  • Extended Jamb Available
  • Heavy Duty Hinges are Extra strong and Bolt into the Door Panel
  • Door Panel Perimeters are Cut and Formed from a Single Piece of 16 Gauge Steel
  • Pre-Assembled Door Panels with Matching Crossbucks Assembled over Matching or Contrasting Steel Sheet
  • Door Panel Perimeters are Cut and Formed from a Single Piece of 16 gauge steel
  • Paint System is Quality Powder Coat Urethane over a Six Stage Pre-Wash
  • Heavy Duty Hinges are Extra Strong and Bolt into the Door Panel
  • For Professional Installations, a 16 gauge Pre-Punched Steel jamb and Header System is Available



  • Crossbucks

    Formed with the same 16 gauge steel, then powder coat painted to match the door frame and assembled into the Dutch Door.  Matching screws secure each corner and the center of the crossbuck providing a decorative finish and adding strength.

  • Barrel Bolt

    On the inside of the door connects the two door halves together to operate as a single door.

  • Dutch Door Hinge

    Designed to be extra strong and horse safe.  The large hinge half that attaches to the building has rounded corners that will not hurt a horse rubbing in passing.  All hinges are "E" coated for corrosion resistance, then powder coat painted to match the door.

    The door hinge half is mostly concealed inside and bolts directly to the door panel.  Two slotted holes in the jamb hinge half allow adjustment when the door is installed without the EJS-4700 steel jamb kit and two round holes assure sag-free final installation with or without the steel jamb.

  • Extended Jamb

    Includes hinge side, strike side, and header.  All pieces are formed using 16 gauge steel then powder coat painted with the same colors available for the Dutch Door components.  All pieces are pre-punched with mounting holes and the hinge jamb piece is pre-punched for hinge holes to mate with the AP-4700 Dutch Door.  The jamb kit provides a strong, finished appearance and helps eliminate door sag.

  • Bale Door
    • Allows for easy access to hay storage.
    • Look to match AP-4700 dutch door.
  • Dutch Door Catch Kit

    Prevents horse injury while adding extra security.  Designed & engineered for most types of swing door systems.  Double sided easy operation.  Heavy duty Stainless Steel and easy installation.


Unassembled 16 gauge steel crossbuck and four-piece perimeter frame components are powder coat painted after six stage wash.

Available in bone, chocolate, or charcoal.

Shipped with galvanized hardware package that includes galvanized strap hinges, doors, barn latch (must specify, additional cost), barrel bolt, catch kit, and assembly hardware.

An economical system that can be assembled in the field using your choice of 3/4" cores with or without steel skins. Kit comes cartoned.


The three-piece steel jamb system is powder coat painted with the same high quality urethane as the door system and is pre-punched for quick, accurate, sag-free installation of the door. Not factory punched to match kit door strap hinges.

Extended Jamb Kit is also available.


Allows for easy access to hay storage. Look to match AP-4700 dutch door. Same assembly and construction as AP-4700 dutch door above, including same color options. Includes four piece 16 gauge steel jamb kit and all hardware.

RO: 49-1/2" x 43-15/16"


16 gauge bone, bronze, chocolate, or charcoal steel one-piece perimeter door panel frame is assembled over your choice of available colors (see chart) 29 gauge flat steel sheets attached to both sides of 3/4" exterior grade plywood.

Two heavy steel hinges per door panel are powder coat painted to match the door and bolted into the panel with only the hinge knuckle showing, providing a more finished appearance than the old strap style hinge. All hinges are "E" coated for corrosion resistance, then powder coat painted to match the door. The large size of this hinge allows the door panel to open away from building skin or trim. Nylon spacers provide smooth, quiet operation.

Hardware kit includes Black Barn Latch (must specify, additional cost), Catch Kit, Assembly hardware, and Galvanized Barrel Bolt. The Catch Kit is designed to be horse safe and is self-storing with the door closed.

Door panels and hardware are individually packaged.


Seventeen Powder Coat Colors available as well as additional painted colors to match most roll-formers' colors. Specify roll-former when purchasing.


Our pre-assembled Dutch Door and Bale Door panels are constructed of 16 gauge galvanized steel in 11 different powder coat colors.  The panel perimeters are formed from a single sheet of steel (no seams) for added strength and smooth appearance.  The core is 25/32" commercial grade OSB board covered with 29 gauge galvanized steel available in 17 colors.  Installation hardware is included along with instructions.  We also offer two styles of jambs which are designed to work with the pre-assembled doors.  In addition, we offer unassembled doors and an optional "Panel With-A-View."

  • Size

    Dutch Door with Jamb System - 49 1/2" x 87 3/8"
    Dutch Door without Jamb System - 48 7/8" x 87"
    Bale Door with Jamb System - 49 1/2" x 43 15/16"

  • Color


    Bone White, Polar White, Charcoal, Hickory Moss, Light Stone, Burgundy, Brown, Red, Evergreen, Charcoal Gray, Bronze


    Bone White, Polar White, Black, Dark Brown, Lite Stone, Evergreen, Lite Gray, Ivory, Lite Blue, Burgundy, Bright Red, Red, Hickory Moss, Cocoa Brown, Charcoal, Lite Tan, Ash Gray


    Bone White, Brown, Charcoal

  • Panel

    Optional Panel-With-A-View uses a 12 Lite, silk screened, 1/4" acrylic as the insert

  • Jambs

    16 gauge galvanized powder coat steel
    Available with or without built-in trim extension

  • Hinges

    Assembled: 2 hinges per panel, heavy steel "E" coated, then powder coated for corrosion resistance
    Unassembled: 2 "T" Strap hinges per panel

  • Hardware

    Hardware kits are included with each door.

    Assembled: Hinges, National Barn Latch, Barrel Bolt, Catch Kit, Assembly Screw Package
    Unassembled: Strap Hinges, Albany Barn Latch, Barrel Bolt, Catch Kit, Assembly Screw Package
    Bale Door: Hinges, Aluminum Adjusters, Barrel Bolt, Door Pull, Assembly Screw Package

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