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Series 88

The Series 88 door provides today's service door answer for heavy-duty construction applications. It is a low maintenance, economical door with an attractive appearance and easy installation. The series 88 adapts to all steel, masonry and wood applications and comes with prefinished insulated door.

Polar White


  • Postframe

  • Agricultural
  • Utility


    • Everlast Quality Door Systems Provide:
      • Today's service Door Answer for Heavy-Duty Construction Applications
      • Low Maintenance
      • Economy
      • Attractive Appearance
      • Ease of Installation
      • Adapts to All Steel, Masonry and wood Applications
      • Prefinished Insulated Door


    • Special Options:
      • Latch Guard - Locksets - Various Styles - Kick Plates
      • Closure - Knob Lock - Push/Pull Plates
      • Sub-Jamb Assembly - Self-Storage Lock - Masonry Clips
      • Panic Hardware - Modular Block Aluminum Header
    • Lite Options:
      • All Units White - Aluminum Framed
      • Standard


  • Sizes

    Standard Sizes: 2468, 2668, 2868, 3068, 3668, 4068, 3070, 3670, 4070

    Also available - Full line of Double & Special Size Doors

    Width for single door is limited to 4' (40), height is limited to 7' (70) tall
    Doors can be made in any size within these limitations

    Double doors can be manufactured up to 8' (80) wide and 7' (70) tall
    Double door has astragal attached to inactive panel, head and foot bolt included in astragal
    Right side active panel is the standard, may request left side active

  • Overall Dimensions
  • Mullion / Astragal
  • Hinges

    4" x 4" high-quality stainless steel fixed-pin hinges is standard
    Three hinges per panel

  • Threshold

    Aluminum thresholds are used with this door series
    Standard is not handicapped approved

Door Panel

  • Thickness
  • Skin

    24 gauge smooth steel
    Cross bucks available in Bone White, Polar White and Bronze
    6 panel available in Bone White and Polar White

  • Edges
  • Blocking

    Blocked top and bottom for closer standard.
    * HD door closer recommended when ordered *
    Blocked and drilled for lockset standard
    Blocking for latch guard over lockset is standard
    When latch guard is ordered, it is installed over lockset
    When deadbolt is ordered, door is blocked and prepped for deadbolt
    When panic hardware is ordered, door is prepped at the vertical center point of door

    If a 22 x 36 Lite is also ordered, the panic prep is lowered 6" and positioned below the Lite

  • Insulation

    Aluminum frame surrounds the panel and captures the steel skin
    1 ½" panel has a polyurethane injected foam core
    Weather seal included top and bottom in an adjustable aluminum channel
    Standard comes bored for lockset at 2 ¾" setback with rectangular latch plate prep

  • Embossing
  • Colors

    Bone White, Polar White, Bronze, Chocolate

  • Lock Face Prep
  • Dead Bolt
  • Sweep
  • Lite Kits

    Thermo pane Lite is normally used
    Lites often requested are:

    • 1LB 22 x 36 no grids
    • 9LB 22 x 36 9 Lite grids
    • 15LB 22 x 60 15 Lite grids
    • 1LE 16 x 16 no grids
    • 1LI 20 x 24 no grids
    • 1LA 20 x 24 no grids
    • (Single Pane)

    Additional Lite Kits are available

Door Frame

  • Type
  • Material
  • Features
  • Frame Depths
  • Anchors
  • Hinge Preps