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Series 66D

The PLYCO 66D Series light utility door is designed for use in normal daily traffic areas. Features a double seal for limiting light exposure and easier temperature control.The high tensile aluminum panel surround is constructed with a 0.010” galvanized steel panel, 0.019” aluminum or 0.06” fiberglass panel (UV-resistant).

Polar White


  • Postframe

  • Agricultural
  • Utility
  • Out Buildings


    • Dual Seal
    • Low Maintenance
    • Light utility door for normal, daily traffic areas
    • Aluminum jamb (outer frame) with nailing fin
    • Hinges include an offset pin for swing clear of side steel and trims
    • High-Density Polyurethane Injected Foam Core reduces sound and possess R-10 insulating qualities
    • The unique process of bonding steel, fiberglass or aluminum skins to the solid foam core minimizes delamination, bowing or sagging and assures years of maintenance-free service.
    • Corrosion resistance
    • <0.20 CFM/FT2 @6.24 psf negative pressure ventilation condition equivalent to 0.30" water head (ASTM E-283)
    • 100,000 Swing Cycle Test


    • Panel Styles: Non-corrosive fiberglass or aluminum skins.
    • Other Skins Available: Pebbled white fiberglass; embossed white aluminum
    • Lockset: Heavy-duty, passage and dead lock can be ordered as an option
    • Alternate Lockset:
    • Recognizing the extreme



  • Sizes

    Standard Sizes: 2068, 2468, 2668, 2868, 3060, 3068, 4060, 4068

    Width for single door is limited to 4/0, height is limited to 7/0
    Doors can be made in any size within these limitations.

    Double doors are not recommended in this door series.

  • Overall Dimensions
  • Mullion / Astragal
  • Hinges

    Three 4" Aluminum Hinges per door offers smooth positive operation.

  • Threshold

    Aluminum thresholds with dual seal are used with this door series
    Standard is not ADA approved.

Door Panel

  • Thickness
  • Skin

    Steel - Width Under 4/0 - 0.010” embossed Polar White
    Aluminum - Width Under 4/0 0.019” embossed Polar White
    Optional skins: pebbled white fiberglass, 0.06” UV Resistant

  • Edges
  • Blocking

    Blocked and drilled for lockset standard
    Optional closer blocking.

  • Insulation

    Solid injected 2-part urethane core

  • Embossing
  • Colors

    Mil-finish jamb and panel perimeter with Polar White embossed skin

  • Lock Face Prep
  • Dead Bolt
  • Sweep
  • Lite Kits

    Lites often requested are:

    • 1LA 20" x 24" No grids
    • 1LU 4" x 48" No grids

Door Frame

  • Type


  • Material


  • Features

    "L" type, mil-finish, aluminum jamb with nailing fin
    Header and threshold are formed with jamb material and have vinyl bulb seals

  • Frame Depths

    1 5/8"

  • Anchors
  • Hinge Preps