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Industry, Schools, churches with commercial building products

Commercial Construction

Professional builders prefer post-frame technology for its versatility and efficiency. Plyco offers the best solutions toward meeting their building needs.

By choosing to “Build Plyco Strong,” building contractors select unmatched value and durability. Builders trust Plyco to deliver lasting cost-effectiveness. By teaming with Ply-Foil Reflective Insulation, Plyco offers industrial and commercial businesses energy savings years into the future.

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Post Frame

Post frame builders

Post Frame Construction

When it comes to creating cost-effective structures of the highest quality, America relies on post-frame builders. And post-frame builders rely on Plyco.

Plyco is the nation’s leading supplier of durable, aesthetically pleasing doors, windows and other building accessories. From louvers and cupolas to the tiniest necessities from East Coast Fasteners & Closures, Plyco is the most complete provider of products for the agricultural and post-frame building markets.

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Wall Vents

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Plyco Wall vents product view
Diagram of wall vent sizing

Product Info

Wall Vent for Metal Clad Buildings

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  • Designed as a practical low cost ventilating system for Metal-Clad buildings
  • Insulated: top-Hinged & Pivoted
  • Non-Insulated: Top-Hinged & Pivoted
  • Designed to limit air-infiltration
  • Manufactured from low maintenance components using high-strength materials for rugged performance
  • Designed for manual and multiple cable operation
  • Plyco pivoted wall-vents are adaptable to many agricultural and industrial applications



PANEL 1 1/4" Insulated Polyurethane solid foam core with white embossed skins on interior and exterior. .055 extended aluminum panel surround with TPR weatherstrip. "R" factor -9.5
HINGES Three recessed aluminum hinges bolted to frame and insulated panel through reinforcing blocks
ADJUSTER Special design with friction adjusters for multiple settings.
All aluminum
HANDLE Six inch, aluminum
FRAME .070 extruded aluminum, mill finish, mitered and welded corners - self-flashing on profiled sidings up to 1 1/8"
OPTIONAL HARDWARE We offer the option of special hardware for installation where the wall-vents will be opened from the outside only.
This hardware is designed for low profile buildings where it is difficult to open the wall-vent from the interior. Hardware is designed for 4 positive opening positions. When this option is desired, add "ED" to the stock number.

Manual operating hardware same as pivoted, except K/D.

Our newest product, the pivoted wall-vent is particularly adaptable for use in buildings where multiple and automatic openers are required. Air infiltration is minimized by unique design of a full-perimeter thermoplastic rubber weatherstop. Pivot operation diverts air flow toward the ceiling. Steel pivot arms are welded to the frame

FRAME .070 mill finish extruded aluminum, corners are mitered and welded. Self-flashing on profiled sidings up to 1 1/8"
PANEL 1 1/4" insulated with identical characteristics of top-hinge insulated panel. Blocking located in lower center of panel for cable or pull attachments.
PIVOT ARM Cord rolled steel welded directly to exterior frame. Installed off-center to assist closure
HARDWARE Custom designed cam lever for manual operation with five position points, the panel can be located at various settings to control air-flow. A stainless steel closure rod locks panel firmly in position.
OPTION "ED" Hardware for exterior operation



Our original design, primarily developed for modified open-front hog confinement units and other buildings which are not fully insulated. A special unit (ED Series) which is adaptable to both masonry and frame construction has become popular as a back-vent on low profile buildings

FRAME .055 Extruded aluminum, mill finish miter and welded corners - self-flashing on profiled sidings up to 1 1/8"
PANEL 1" x 1 1/4" thick extruded aluminum. Mill finish, with glazed translucent fiberglass
ADJUSTER & PULL Identical to adjusters described for use with top-hinged insulated series
HINGES Three recessed aluminum hinges bolted to frame and insulated panel through reinforcing blocks
FRAME .070 extruded aluminum jointless frame, mill finish
PANEL Identical to #S-7220
HINGES Identical to #S-7220
CLOSURES Two Wright #45 cam operated handles custom plated and located 8 inches from each end of the panel to assure positive closing
HARDWARE Aluminum slide bar, with 4 opening positions. I-bolt on top panel locks bar in closed position - #ED-WALL VENTS can be operated only from the exterior

This series of non-insulated pivoted wall-vents with translucent panels is popular where large areas of light and ventilation are required. Panel sections designed of extra heavy extrusions to minimize wracking and wind damage

FRAME Identical to PI Series
PANEL 1 1/4" thick extruded aluminum, mill finish, glazed with translucent fiberglass
PIVOT ARM Identical to PI Series
HARDWARE Identical to PI Series
OPTIONAL HARDWARE "ED" Hardware for exterior operation available when option is desired add "ED" prefix to the stock number
STORM PANELS For insulated buildings, optional translucent fiberglass storm panels can be attached to operating panel and are self-storing