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EQUUSTM Horse Stall Kit

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Crib Cap for Horse Stall Kit
Steel Grill for Horse Barn Kit
Stall Front for Horse Barn Kit
Stall Wall for Horse Barn Kit
Horse Stall Kit End Channel

Product Info

Grilled fronts and walls provide the ventilation and visibility. Non-grilled walls provide the best animal protection and separation.

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Though a permanent installation, the use of the EQUUSTM wall channels allow easy removal of a wall such as often needed for foaling.

EQUUSTM components allow easy construction of any size stall.

Easy Assembly

Precision-engineered for easy assembly and lower cost - EQUUSTM stall kits come complete with all pre-fabricated steel parts, accessories and fasteners required for rapid assembly.

Minimize Freight

The EQUUSTM system is designed to minimize freight - Compact packages ship at the lowest freight cost and the system uses your locally purchased standard lumber at no additional freight.


The customer is responsible for supplying the wood necessary to complete the installation. You can use the most economical or exotic lumber to create the appearance you want.


All accessories are G90 galvanized steel. All wall brace, crib caps and other support channels are 16 gauge steel. Most accessories are available in galvanized or black appearance as our standard.


Parts Included in the EQUUS Horse Barn Kit

Horse Barn Front with Window Grill4500 Wall Package

Black Welded (BW-4500) | Black Powder (BK-4500) | Galvanized (GZ-4500)

Designed around standard 2" x 10" lumber which allows easy assembly without ripping any board, the stall can be built with any size or quality dry lumber to provide the appearance you desire.

Horse Stall Kit Grill Window with Sliding Door4650 Wall Package with Door and Grill

Black Welded (BW-4650) | Black Powder (BK-4650) | Galvanized (GZ-4650)

This kit provides a fully grilled front including slide door. This gives the stall the greatest visibility and ventilation. The horse is completely in view and can be easily touched through grills that provide strength to hold and protect.

Horse Stall Front with Window Opening for Barn Kit4550 Wall with Door Grill Only

Black Welded (BW-4550) | Black Powder (BK-4550) | Galvanized (GZ-4550)

This package provides more security for the more lively horse by placing the grill in the door only. The front wall is completely boarded to provide greater protection to horses on each side of the stall.

Horse Barn Window Grill for Horse Stall Kit4000 Window Grill System

Black Welded (BW-4000) | Black Powder (BK-4000) | Galvanized (GZ-4000)

Grill systems include snap-in tubes 32-3/4" tall that accept either a swinging feed door or an adjustable feed opening. Rubber grommets are used to protect the tube inserted into the U-channel and will provide a quiet, non-rattling stall. The 4000 grill system is anti-crib designed to protect and cap standard 1-1/2" lumber and is used in all the Equus Kit Systems.

Window Grill Kit for Horse Barns4100 Window Grill

Black Welded (BW-4100) | Black Powder (BK-4100) | Galvanized (GZ-4100)

A protective matching window grill with standard 4" on center tube spacing is available for 36" x 25" window openings.

Sliding Door for Horse Barn Kit4800 Grilled Sliding Stall Door

Black Welded (BW-4800) | Black Powder (BK-4800) | Galvanized (GZ-4800)

This 4' x 7' sliding door is standard in each stall front package and may be purchased individually. Includes a latch, sliding door track and hardware package. All assembly screws and concealed stay roller are supplied.

Please view our brochure or contact a Plyco representative to view more included horse stall kit parts and custom ordering information.



Unique flexibility provided by combining EQUUSTM steel hardware components with standard lumber. Quality system components can be combined, mixed, cut down or spliced to create a stall for most applications.


You can use the most economical or exotic lumber to create the appearance you want.

Shop all EQUUS horse stall building materials for sale online.