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Industry, Schools, churches with commercial building products

Commercial Construction

Professional builders prefer post-frame technology for its versatility and efficiency. Plyco offers the best solutions toward meeting their building needs.

By choosing to “Build Plyco Strong,” building contractors select unmatched value and durability. Builders trust Plyco to deliver lasting cost-effectiveness. By teaming with Ply-Foil Reflective Insulation, Plyco offers industrial and commercial businesses energy savings years into the future.

View our extensive online inventory of commercial construction products.

Post Frame

Post frame builders

Post Frame Construction

When it comes to creating cost-effective structures of the highest quality, America relies on post-frame builders. And post-frame builders rely on Plyco.

Plyco is the nation’s leading supplier of durable, aesthetically pleasing doors, windows and other building accessories. From louvers and cupolas to the tiniest necessities from East Coast Fasteners & Closures, Plyco is the most complete provider of products for the agricultural and post-frame building markets.

Check out our selection of building components for post-frame construction.

Closure Strips

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CI-7TM Closures
2.0 lbs/ft3 density cross-linked polyethylene foam used to close gaps in roof and side wall applications. Material is extremely strong, resilient and water resistant. Available in gray or natural white colors. Also available with optional adhesive strip for ease of installation.
Thickness: 1", 2" Lengths: Per customer requirements (up to 48")
Polyurethane Foam Strips
Semi closed-cell, flexible material used to close unusual gapping situations. Useful on valley or hip roof applications. Available with or without adhesive backing in charcoal color.
Thickness: 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", 2" Width: 1", 1 1/2", 2" Lengths: 25'
used for hip roof, valley, or gable trim applications. material is available in right or left hand angles, & conforms exactly to panel configuration. Raw material has the same specifications as CI-7TM. Life expectancy is 3-4 times that of polyurethane foam strips.
Thickness: 1 1/2" Lengths: Per customer requirements (up to 48")