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Industry, Schools, churches with commercial building products

Commercial Construction

Professional builders prefer post-frame technology for its versatility and efficiency. Plyco offers the best solutions toward meeting their building needs.

By choosing to “Build Plyco Strong,” building contractors select unmatched value and durability. Builders trust Plyco to deliver lasting cost-effectiveness. By teaming with Ply-Foil Reflective Insulation, Plyco offers industrial and commercial businesses energy savings years into the future.

View our extensive online inventory of commercial construction products.

Post Frame

Post frame builders

Post Frame Construction

When it comes to creating cost-effective structures of the highest quality, America relies on post-frame builders. And post-frame builders rely on Plyco.

Plyco is the nation’s leading supplier of durable, aesthetically pleasing doors, windows and other building accessories. From louvers and cupolas to the tiniest necessities from East Coast Fasteners & Closures, Plyco is the most complete provider of products for the agricultural and post-frame building markets.

Check out our selection of building components for post-frame construction.

Light Commercial

Series 20
Series 22
Series 23
Series 24
Series 31
Series 32
Series 100
Series 92
24" Cupola
36" Cupola
48" Cupola
Interior Doors
Steel-Frame Fasteners
Steel-Frame Insulation Fasteners
Heavy Gauge Fasteners
Wood-to-Metal Fasteners
Specialty Fasteners
Closure Strips
Masonry Fasteners
HVAC/Sheet Metal Fasteners
Sheeting Fasteners
Specialty Roofing Fasteners
Ply-Foil Concrete Slab Insulaiton
Wall Vents
Slide Door Rail 1 1/2" and 3 1/2"
Polyseal Sill Plate Sealer
Vinyl Overhead Door Stop

Wholesale Commercial Construction Supplies for Contractors

Plyco is the number-one, nationwide, wholesale supplier of commercial steel doors, aluminum windows, and other high-end building materials for light commercial work. Our wholesale capacity allows us to give contractors everywhere personal discounts on all of the building supplies and components that they need.

We handle all of our own logistics purposes, and deliver our products directly to your jobsite without the fear of delays, and our clients depend on us for Plyco’s proven record of efficiency.

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Plyco’s Popular Light Commercial Products Include:

Aluminum Commercial Windows for Small Commercial Projects

Plyco is proud to offer Andersen 100 series and Plyco brand steel windows to our trusted contractors at unbeatable prices. Unfortunately for retail shoppers, we provide our products directly to contractors at wholesale rates for a wide variety of reasons:

1) It allows us to offer contractors better deals

2) Our prices help contractors provide their customers with lower bids

3) Wholesale business lets us devote our time to working with each contractor individually

4) We can spend more time providing you with better products and customer service

Light Commercial Cupolas Light commercial Windows Light Commercial Doors
Light Commercial Cupolas Light Commercial Windows Light Commercial Doors


We have certified Plyco dealers from coast to coast, and our distributors will be more than happy to assist you with any sizing, pricing, product specifications, or any other issues that you may have. It is our number one goal to help you turn in the lowest light commercial bids possible, and once you start building Plyco strong, massive chain home improvement stores will become a way of the past.

Commercial Steel Entry Doors for Light Commercial Work

Our large selection of steel entry and walk doors are some of our most requested products by light commercial contractors.

All of our steel utility doors can be made available in custom sizes and colors depending on the job you have at hand. They are easy to install, exceptionally attractive to look at, and offer your clients low maintenance options that are guaranteed to last!

With over 50 years of experience in the commercial construction industry, we know what our contractors want. They want great customer service combined with commercial building supplies that are affordable, delivered on time, and built to last. Quit placing your reputation in the hands of impersonal box stores who place their focus on largescale business. Plyco is here to help, and we strive to establish solid, long lasting relationships with all of our Plyco contractors.

To see how Plyco can help your light commercial business, contact one of our associates today!